Timing Is Everything: When to Make Big Buys


Wondering when is the best time to upgrade your appliances or spring for a new mattress? When it comes to getting a great price on your major purchases, timing is everything!

Swimming Pool — Wait until off-season to start that swimming pool project. The best time to book your swimming pool contractor is when the weather turns cooler and things slow down for the season.

Mattresses — Plan your mattress purchase around the holidays when retailers have their big blowout sales. The biggest sales are usually on holiday weekends like Presidents Day, Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Furniture — Start your search for that new sofa in January or February as the new stuff starts coming out in the spring. July is the other big furniture clearance month.

Patio Furniture — Outfit your backyard and deck on a bargain basement budget by waiting for the fall patio furniture sales. The fall is also a good time to upgrade your backyard grill.

Television and Electronics — Take advantage of the pre-Super Bowl sales in February, or wait until spring when Japanese manufacturers start their new fiscal year and blow out the old models in preparation for the new. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are also good days for discounts.

Carpeting and Flooring — Upgrade your carpeting and flooring in January when prices drop after the Christmas holiday rush.

Appliances — Buy your appliances in September and October when manufacturers start unveiling new models and clearing out the old stock. The exception to the rule is refrigerators, which come out in the summer, making spring the time to buy.

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